Butchers must demonstrate that they can fully identify and seperate their approved GOS meat from other produce. Traditional Speciality Guaranteed LogoGloucestershire Old Spots Pork
Traditional Speciality Guaranteed
Awarded to the Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders Club

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Consumers must have confidence that when they buy some GOS meat, it is the genuine article.

Ensuring low stocking rates is important.

GOS are hardy enough to be kept outddors in winter providing they have wetherproof shelter and dry ground available

Introduction to the new Website

This website has been set up to provide information on the GOS Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Status. It will grow and develop in time.

The GOS forum is a perfect place for members and visitors to discuss the TSG status and suggest how the website can be developed further once time and funding allow. Please keep feedback constructive and do not expect instant results.

News articles are always welcome from members or friends from anywhere in the world. Please e-mail your contributions to mail@oldspots.org.uk. We're especially keen to receive photographs or drawings of Old Spot pigs as we hope to build a substantial online photo gallery in due course.


Privacy Policy

This website does not collect any personal data from visitors, unless you actively provide it in a contribution to the GOS forum or by directly contacting the club.

Please note that if you subscribe to the GOS forum, you must provide a valid email address, which is automatically verified. This forms part of your user profile that other registered forum members can access. The club does not restrict forum membership, but will remove users or articles that are inappropriate. Please let us know if you discover material that you believe should be moderated.

Contact details for club members are published in the member directory. If you would prefer to keep some/all of your details private, please get in touch and we will respond to your request as a matter of priority.


Did You Know?
Pig's Face Day is celebrated every other year in the village of Avening in the Cotswolds. A story of unrequited love, it goes back over 900 years when Matilda fell in love with an Englishman, Brittic, who was on a mission to Flanders. He did not reciprocate. She later married William the Conqueror and when she joined her victorious husband in England, almost her first act was to have Brittic, who lived at Avening Court, thrown into gaol, where he died. Overcome with remorse, Matilda commissioned a church to be built at Avening which was completed in 1080 and in celebration, she feasted the builders with boar's head - colloquially Pig's Face.


GOS Pig Breeders Club

Want to find out more about GOS pigs? Visit the GOS Pig Breeders Club. Click Here.

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